Friday, August 14, 2015

So it's Friday and the week has gone by so fast and I feel like my goal for more family time has gone out the window.

And I have this cold or allergies that isn't helping!

But tonight we are headed to the drive in to see Inside Out and Fantastic Four, and the whole family is coming along. We don't take the whole bunch to the theater very often. There is just too many of us. But tonight is a special treat and who can pass up a Disney cartoon? Not me. I have seen a few cartoons with just the husband and it is wonderful. A date we can laugh and sit munching on popcorn without a kidlet needing to use the bathroom or bouncing in their seats or kicking back of the chair in front of them. Or yelling out that Mr. Incredible is wearing his underpants! (Which he totally is.)

No, tonight these movies are for the whole bunch, with the yelling to shut the car door, and to quit opening the car door, and all the blankets and mosquitoes, and sitting under the stars.

Except I will be in the safety of the vehicular unit. My sense of adventure left with the shortness of chairs.

Note to self to bring the bug spray.

School starts in 11 days so let's make the most of this last week together before it is a fight to get everyone to read and solve math problems, and find 2 socks that may not match, but at least the kid is wearing them. One more week of them eating me out of house and home before I send them back into the public school system.

I've been working hard editing my book and getting it ready for the real world. And I am reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, which so far is an intriguing tell of angels and hell. I'll let you know how it turns out.

So run off and enjoy life and stay away from all those regrets.

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