Rating System

All of the reviews I give are my honest opinion. I do not believe in tearing a book apart, so I try to find something good in everything I read. I try to rate by the story line and not how well it was edited, especially since I read a lot of Indie books.

5 stars: Loved it! Amazing! Couldn't put it down! The story was easy to understand, and I want to shout to everyone to drop everything and read it. These books are page turners, well written, with beautiful stories. The author usually surprises or shocks me with the events taking place. These books usually keep me up late reading, and are memorable stories I want to reread. They keep me thinking about it for days:)

4 stars:  Loved but not as memorable. May have dragged in a few places, or a few flaws in the writing or story. Still well written and I come highly recommended. These books usually hold great surprises, and I could read again.

3 stars: Good stories, but not so memorable. They are stories I am glad I read but probably will never reread. A lot of these I would still read a sequel to because I want to see where the author takes it.

2 stars: Books that were not for me, but other people seem to like. I may have struggled to get through, or at the end I am still trying to understand what that was about. These I would probably only recommend to a certain type of book lover.

1 star: So far I have never given this rating. This book would have to be pretty bad. If I do not enjoy a book, I do not finish it, and if I do not finish I will not rate.

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