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Review: The Bane by Keary Taylor

The Bane
by Keary Taylor
Publisher: Keary Taylor Books
Genre:  YA, Sci-fi, Dystopia
I received an ARC of The Bane from Keary Taylor through NetGalley, and this is a completely honest review.
This is one of those books that I have debated on reading for awhile now. It was previously published as Eden, before it got revamped and republished. I must admit what held me back was the old cover. It just looked so alien:) So when I saw this new cover I reread the blurb and decided I better request it while I had the chance. And I am glad that I did. Dystopia is a genre that I have really come to enjoy and love.
Here is the description from NetGalley:
Before the Evolution there was TorBane: technology that infused human DNA with cybernetic matter.  It had the ability to grow new organs and limbs, to heal the world.  Until it evolved out of control and spread like the common cold.  The machine took over, the soul vanished, and the Bane were born.  The Bane won't stop until every last person has been infected. With less than two percent of the human population left, mankind is on the brink of extinction.
Eve knows the stories of the Evolution, the time before she wandered into the colony of Eden, unable to recall anything but her name.  But she doesn't need memories to know this world is her reality.  This is a world that is quickly losing its humanity, one Bane at a time.
Fighting to keep one of the last remaining human colonies alive, Eve finds herself torn between her dedication to the colony, and the discovery of love.  There is Avian and West – one a soldier, one a keeper of secrets.  And in the end, Eve will make a choice that will change the future of mankind.
The Bane is The Terminator meets The Walking Dead with a heart-twisting romance.
My Thoughts:
I found this story quite enjoyable. The idea of cybernetics taking over and turning humans into a sort of robot is very fascinating and made for an exciting story. The way the "infection" was spread made for some exciting fights and action. It was sad how everything had been taken over so quickly with so few survivors that had to live in hiding and on the run.
Eve was a great character. She was found wandering around and was taken in by a human colony named Eden. Here she becomes family, especially to Avian and Sarah. Her days were filled with helping with the garden that keeps them all alive, and being on watch for the lookout of Bane that may wander out and find them. She is a kick butt character that always headed out on missions to sneak into the city for more supplies that may be needed. And then one day what she thought she knew about herself all changed when she discovered a group of three humans that had been on the run in the woods. One of them is West, and he will change everything she thought she knew. He knows the secret to her past that she has not been able to remember. And it is a big one.
I really enjoyed Eve, Avian, and West. Their relationship was an awkward triangle. Awkward because Eve was just discovering what feelings were, and trying to figure them out. This was a great story with a million trials, a bunch of heartbreak and sadness, and a big blast of an ending. I was happy with the choices Eve made, and how things have turned out so far. The ending did not work out perfectly, so I look forward to a sequel to see where Keary takes everything next. There were a few parts that seemed to slow down, but overall I really enjoyed it:-)
My Rating: 4 stars
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