Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday

I am so excited today! I just got approved for a few new books to review from Netgalley. I was doing the happy excited dance for about 10 minutes. And here they are:
  • The Sweetest Dark by Shana Abe
  • Avenger by Heather Burch
So excited to read these and tell you guys all about them!

Here are a few others that I have been given for reviews or Purchased:
  • Fallen Desire by N.L. Echeverria for Nook
  • Zeus by Kamery Solomon for Kindle
  • The Photo Traveler by Arthur J. Gonzalez for Nook
  • Arabelle's Shadows by Fleur Gaskin from author for review
  • Midnight by Salima Korri from author for review
The pictures were not working out for me tonight, but I will be sure to include them with links when I review. You can check out all my books here on my Goodreads Shelf.

Have a great evening!!


  1. Hi Sara,

    Wow! You have been busy:) I love your background on your website. So …wil you be hosting cover reveals? giveaways? just asking;)

    1. I would love to! I need to figure out how to get involved in verything:)