Friday, February 22, 2013

A Collection of Souls

When the wonderful Jessica Marie Gilliland asked me if I would like a copy of her book A Collection of Souls in exchange for an honest review. I jumped at the chance. I absolutely loved Anomaly that she co-wrote with Kimberly Gourgon, and was excited for another book by her. And this was one of those books that was hard to put down and kept me up half the night finishing.

I am going to try to give a review without giving anything away, but it may be hard. Alyssa isn't looking for love, but when she meets Beau she can't help being drawn to him. Soon she is on a trip to Paris with him and skipping out on college. But Beau is not all he seems, and he has his own devious plan in the works. He is a soul collector and he wants Alyssa with him. He is tired of being lonely and wants her as a partner.But Alyssa feels tricked, and even though her soul now belongs to him, she puts up a fight of her own. Until she just can't anymore, and she gives in. And even though three years pass, and she is doing the work he wants her to, her heart just isn't in it, and she feels like she has lost herself.

This all leads up an adventure in conspiracy, love, guilt, pleasure, sacrifice, betrayal, and of course soul stealing fun. Not necessarily in that order. Everything comes together in the end for one of the best betrayals, and acts of love and sacrifice I have read. Parts of it had me near tears, and wondering how this could turn out well enough not to totally break my heart. And even though the ending was bitter sweet, I couldn't help loving it and thinking it was the perfect absolution for the story. The last 20% of this story was just such a great build up and showdown, that I am just not sure how to describe my feelings.

One of my favorite things in the story was a tattoo that Alyssa gets added to every week. This has a great meaning, and it helps show that through everything, she really does still care, and has not totally lost herself.

I gave this book 4.5 stars! I recommend it to 16 years and older.

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