Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Surprise! I am a Writer!

I am participating in this yearly challenge in the Never Too Old For Y.A. Books group on goodreads, and for February the challenge was to write a 1000 to 2000 word story with random words and characters included. I thought it would be fun to share with you what I wrote. Or not. Everything with an * was words we were to include for added points:) And it needed to have the beginning and ending sentences that I used. I do not consider myself an author, and this was all for fun, so don't be too judgemental. And without further delay here is my work of art:

I'm standing at a crossroad and I'm finding it difficult to decide which road to take. As I am sitting here with my *cat, Pickles, and watching *The Breakfast Club, I realize I cannot hide out forever. I am faced with the decision of following my boyfriend to Canada, or staying put and trying to land my dream job as *Dean Winchester's personal assistant. I mean, who moves to Canada by choice? And just because Dean doesn't know he needs an assistant yet, doesn't mean it can't happen.

So as I am sitting here alone on *Valentine's Day, my phone rings and draws me out of my thoughts. It is my best friend, Emma. She must be needing a night out.

"Hey, Emma," I answer with reluctance.

"Jo! You are not sitting at home moping are you? Just because Ethan is working tonight does not mean you have to stay home. You are coming with me to Club*Red tonight, and no buts about it. You know I have no date, and I want to have some fun."

"Em, you know I have to be careful. Ethan is still getting those threatening messages, and this last one was written in*red lipstick, which is weird on a whole new level. But it also mentioned me this time, so he knows who I am."221

Ethan had been receiving anonymous threatening messages for a couple months now. There was never any indication what they were about. Just telling him to leave town or else. He works as a party clown, so it is highly unlikely it has to do with his job. I mean who threatens a clown that cheers up children.

"You can just call and let him know where you'll be and he can meet us there after he is done entertaining. And we need a night out before you move," Emma added at the end, bringing on the guilt.

"Alright. But I may not move. You know my dreams about *Dean Winchester."

"I am telling you this as your friend. Forget *Dean Winchester. That is a ridiculous dream. Now go get dressed in something sexy. I will be there in 15 minutes."

Well way to crush my dreams. Guess I am headed out. After I hung up I sent Ethan a quick message to meet us, and then rushed to get ready. I had bought a little *red dress for tonight before learning Ethan had a hospital of sick kids to cheer up. I guess I would get to show it off after all. After applying a quick coat of mascara and lip gloss, and grabbing my heels, I rushed to find my jacket and meet Emma at her car before she annoyed the neighbors with her honking.

When we arrived at the club Emma immediately started to flirt with the bouncer, and got us in without waiting in line. A hot blond friend comes in handy quite often. Then she dragged me to the bar for shots to loosen up. I was going to need it. Clubs were not really my scene, and I especially felt awkward without Ethan. I hope he got my message and would arrive soon. I never knew how long his job would keep him.

After our liquid courage, we went out on the dance floor, and Emma scouted the place for a man. After a few songs I needed a break, and went back to the bar to sit for a minute. I felt eyes on me, and a chill went up my spine, but when I looked I did not see anything suspicious. Must be all those Supernatural reruns I keep watching. Maybe Emma was right and I was too obsessed with Dean. But did I want to move to Canada?

After glancing around one more time, and checking my phone for any messages, I decided I needed some air. All these couples grinding up against each other was making me nauseous. But as I walked towards the door, I felt like someone was watching me again. After glancing around and shaking off the feeling, I exited the door, and took a breath of city fresh air. It was still better that sweaty club air. I walked a ways down the road for some privacy and relaxed against the brick wall, closing my eyes and trying to relax.

Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my side and hot breath in my ear. "I thought I would never get you alone," said a voice I recognized from long ago, but had hoped I would never hear again. My eyes popped open and I was face to face with my high school boyfriend, Mike. We had broke up after Mike had started acting too possessive, and I was not ready for that kind of relationship. I moved away to college, changed my number, and got rid of all reminders of him. But apparently he had not forgotten me. I think I just discovered the author of those threatening messages.

"Mike. What are you doing here? How did you find me?" I asked in the most steady voice I could manage. I knew fear would just excite him, and I needed to stay calm until I could get away.

"You know I could never live without you, baby. You sure made it hard to track you down. We will have to discuss that later." Mike proceeded to pin me against the wall and rub his mouth up and down my neck inhaling my scent and taking the occasional taste. "You taste so good, Jo. Better than I remember."

After swallowing down the bile that had risen in my throat, I tried to come up with a plan to get away. "I am with Ethan now. You need to let me go, Mike, and move on with your life. It has been 5 years."

This only seemed to anger him as he gritted his teeth and squeezed his hands around my waist tighter. "You were mine first, and you will be mine again!" he yelled. "I warned Ethan to leave town, but he just wouldn't take the hint, and now I have to result to more drastic measures. You will come with me, and be mine or else."

Suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw a shadow of a movement, but it was enough to give me hope. I had never been more happy to be wearing high heels as I used all I had in me to give a swift kick to his shin and stomp his toe with the heel, as I screamed out for help and tried to break away. The shadow moved closer and I had never been happier than to see Ethan appear by my side. With a few well placed punches by Ethan to Mike's face and stomach, I was finally free.

I jumped into Ethan's arms, and clung to him like there was no tomorrow. I finally knew where I belonged. With my knight in shining armor. It took a near kidnapping to make me realize it, but I loved Ethan and did not want to lose him. I did not need *Dean Winchester. I just needed Ethan even if that meant moving to Canada. For me, there is no point of return.

Just a note: I have nothing against Canada. I love Canada. And I have never been to a bar or had a drink. All I know I learned in books, so if it is not accurate enough for you, oh well. Not even sure why I chose a bar. Maybe I read too many books with clubs and drinking in them. What are all those young adult books teaching me? I do not promote drinking at all. Which now has me wondering why I even had the characters doing that.

So what did you think?? Do you see an author in my future, or should I stick to reading? Be nice:)



  1. Not bad I really like it :)
    I'm a new follower can't wait to read more stuff :)

    Follow back if you can

  2. Sara, these were my favorite lines:
    and this last one was written in*red lipstick, which is weird on a whole new level.
    He works as a party clown, so it is highly unlikely it has to do with his job
    Maybe Emma was right and I was too obsessed with Dean. But did I want to move to Canada?
    definitely keep writing:)
    this was fun,

    1. I dream of writing, but it is hard to come up with an idea that doesn't come from the so many books I have read. Thanks! I liked those lines, too;)

  3. Actually this is pretty good. You change tense a few times and you need to remember to use contractions, but those things are common with beginning writers. I did those things too. The story itself is a little cliche but over all your writing is good. You stayed in first person point of view really well and you did really well with breaking the dialogue up with action. I was confused at first because I thought she was actually standing at a crossroads and then I realized she meant a figurative crossroads, but after that you set the scene really well by giving us just enough detail without going overboard. Over all with some practice I think you might have the makings of a writer. Just go for it Sara. When I first started writing I didn't know what to write about either. But the surprising thing about writing is that the more you write the more ideas come. You'll be amazed what you come up with when you just write.
    I hope I didn't sound mean. I only want to help. Part of being a writer is learning how to take criticism. You'll need to develop a thick skin in this business. Love you.

    1. Thanks! And no I am not offended;) I wrote this in a few hours, but I am disappointed I missed some of the tenses since that is always bothering me. It was just for fun, but maybe someday;)