Friday, March 1, 2013

Ezekiel's Bones

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Ezekiel's Bones by Kimberly J. Fuller. I received this book from her in exchange for an honest review. You can see the book blurb here.

A little bit about it:
Genevieve is a 17 year old girl that is full of sarcasm, and often times an avoider of listening. She has two good friends, Ariel and Bishop, and likes to spend quiet time at White Pines Cemetery. Her mother, Angelica,  is a clean freak, and she has always felt picked on and unloved under her scrutiny. But things are not at all as they seem. Soon a new girl, Ellie, shows up at school, and pushes her way into her and Ariel's lives. Genevieve is very suspicious of Ellie, and feels some jealousy from her spending time with Ariel.

After sensing a strange vibe between Angelica and Ellie after they first meet, Genevieve becomes even more suspicious. Her mom's demeanor changes and she wants to talk to Genevieve after school the next day, which has her very worried. And to top it off Ellie chased after her after school wanting to talk, and trying to warn her, but she ran off avoiding her.

Through some heartbreaking events, Genevieve discovers she is not who she thought. She is part immortal warrior from her dad who was one of Ezekiel's Warriors. These are ancient warriors created from dead bones, which explains her affinity to the cemetery, and they are around to help protect humans. They have some special powers, and a weapon that follows their commands. And she is the first of her kind. Now, with the help of Ellie, she must battle Shades and an evil character that sold his soul to stay alive and protect those she loves. All this leads to some awesome action and an epic ending.

My thoughts:
I thoroughly enjoyed this story! It was a page turner that was easy to read, and held my attention until the end. It was so much different than anything else I have read. Warriors put together from old bones sounds kind of zombie-ish, but it wasn't. That was just what they were made of, but they seemed to look normal, if not gorgeous, at least in Ellie's case. I found Genevieve likeable, even though she ran off quite often instead of listening. But in the end she learned from her mistakes, and pulled through for her family. There was a hint of some romance, but not a lot. I am a romantic at heart, so I would have loved more, but it was not the what the book was all about.

"I think if I'd have seen my hand acting like Casper drenched in water I'd remember it." page 251 on Nook

Recommend: to Everyone
My rating4 stars

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