Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Witch Hunter

I had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of The Witch Hunter by Nicole R. Taylor, which I was given to read in epub format. This book is set to release on March 20th, and you can check out the official blurb here.

My review: The blurb for this book made it sound really exciting. Vampires, witches, a curse, what more could you want. Sam and Zac have been vampires since the Civil War, and the last few years they have returned to their original home in Ashburton. Zac is very impulsive and arrogant, while Sam is kind and rational. So it makes sense that Zac is the one finding and causing trouble. After a run in with an old vampire named Alistair, the trouble just keeps on coming. Zac finds himself cursed by a witch caught in the inbetween named Katrin. Now with the help of their witch friend, Gabby, they must try calling the witch hunter, Aya. This leads to more adventures with werewolves, more vampires, and even a few more witches. And a lot of blood:)

I found this story to be full of action. There was a little romance. And a lot of swearing. I consider this one more of an adult novel. I also found it to be a lot like Vampire Diaries. Maybe too much like it, which makes it perfect for fans of the books and show. Most of the story I could predict where it was going and wasn't surprised at anything, until the very end. The last page gives a big surprise that does have me wanting to read the next book to see if it is what we are led to believe or not. Killer cliffhanger. Overall I think this was a good first start to a series, and the author holds a lot of promise for the future.

Quote: “The first man, Zac, rolled his eyes, "I wasn't going to eat her, brother, if that's what you're thinking. She's a witch and I don't want her to cast any witchy juju spell on me.” loc 4 % 

My Rating: 3 stars

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