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The Kiss Instructor by V. Anton

The Kiss Instructor
by V. Anton
Received a digital copy from author for an honest review
I was so excited when I saw this book was available to review in the Making Connections YA Edition group on Goodreads. I signed up right away, and was not disappointed. What a cute story this ended up being. It was such a sweet story of love and friendship, and was just what I needed to put a smile on my face.
This is a story of three friends, Alana, Adin, and Chris. They have been best friends since childhood. But for Alana and Adin it may be a little bit more if they can admit it to themselves. Adin is such a gentleman, and believes he is too old for her since he is a little more than a year older. So Alana devises a plan to pretend she needs a kiss instructor for her date with another boy. Adin is a little reluctant, but gives in so she won't go to someone else. From here they both realize what they mean to each other. What ensues is one of the sweetest love stories I have read.  But it wasn't without it's hardships. Alana's home is not the happiest of places, and what happens there may just tear Alana and Adin apart.
I really liked Alana. She was a little funny, sweet, and has the craziest hair with a mind of it's own. Adin. I loved him. V. Anton did very well at writing a character you could fall for and feel how he felt for Alana. And Chris was a wonderful best friend. Alana could always count on him and talk to him, and they were like brother and sister. Part of the story is from his perspective which I really enjoyed. It was interesting seeing the relationships from his eyes. It made me want friends just like Chris and Adin.
A few favorite quotes:
"...A blanket? For what? Is this kissing thing complicated? Will I get cold?" pg. 138 on iBooks
"It occurs to me that kissing makes me feel like dancing, free and happy. It's like
baring your soul to the other person." pg. 141 on iBooks
"It is like we are suffering from the same thing: the dangerous smiling virus. A virus that makes the muscles of your face sore. What a great way of getting hurt!" pg. 215 on iBooks
This was a fun light read that I recommend to everyone! I look forward to future books by V. Anton.
My Rating: 4 stars
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