Sunday, March 17, 2013


by Heather James
ebook received from the author
Genre: YA, Fantasy

When I agreed to review Fire, I actually thought it had to do with Elementals. But I was wrong. Sort of. This is about a world with four realms and each realm controls a different element. It was almost otherworldly. And it was a great surprise on its different take of controlling the elements that didn't make it sound so witchy like most books with element control. We have the Helians that control fire, Arcans control air, Brizan's control water, and the Sephans control the land. This book focuses mainly on two of these, but does have all four.

This book starts off with an introduction to characters, and an invite to the higher ups to a summit in the Helian realm, where they are supposibly all invited to talk of peace treaties. But many alterior motives may be involved.

This was told in two female point of views. One was Roxy, who is a Helian princess. She controls fire very well and has trained to be a protector, or a sort of warrior for her people. I liked her almost playful, uncaring of the consequences, wild behaviour in the beginning. But then as I learned more about her people, and didn't really like her very much. She is very spoiled, has an attitude of being better than everyone in other realms, and refers to them as stupid quite often.

The other girl is Jasmine, or Jazz. She has been raised in the Arcan realm and isn't really sure what she is or whereshe came from. I liked her and wish there was a little more of her. She seemed genuine and caring, and smart.

And both these girls are involved with Brae, the Arcan prince, in different ways. Jazz has been his best friend forever, and Roxy is the girl that is supposed to befriend him for a big takeover plan that the Helians have going on. The Helians are very appropriately named.They came across as a very stuck up group that is out for power.

There isn't much romance but I have high hopes for Jazz and Brae. And Roxy may just be getting in the way. I am still scratching my head at a declaration of love that kind of seemed to me to come out of nowhere. I did not see enough happening for this feeling to be coming from Roxy.

Overall I think this was an enjoyable story, and I look forward to the rest of the series. It will be interesting to see the different love stories develop, and find out all about what Jazz can do and where she is from, even though I am pretty sure I have the where she is from part down. And this story is clean for all readers. Great first book from Heather James!

My rating: 3.5 stars


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