Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wolf Sirens: Fever by Tina Smith

Wolf Sirens: Fever: Many are Born, Few are Reborn
by Tina Smith

I received a digital copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. After reading Wolf Sirens: Forbidden, and the way it ended so sadly, I jumped at the chance to read this one. I was hoping for some closure. Not sure that that is what I got, but a few answers were given. This book felt a lot like a book of information on all the characters. It had the current day story, but then kept going into past character stories of how each character became the way they were. This made it really drag on for me.

This starts off with Lila being in mourning from learning about Sky. This was really sad and broke my heart. But she is unwilling to accept it. So she decides she will continue, under the direction of Cresida, to train as the Hunter. Then when she is strong enough she can search out the truth. She knows that something is being hidden from her, and is determined to find out the truth, and maybe even seek out revenge.

Actually, this is pretty much the whole story. It was all about Lila finding her way and the truth. And a lot of information about all the characters. We find out how Cres was created, and what she went through. We find out about Reid's family, and his very sad past and his brother. We learn about Cresida's aunt, new characters Narine and Tisane, and about the Cult. And we learn a little bit about the conspiracy going on.

This was not my favorite book, unfortunately, but I look forward to the next book because I know it will bring it all together, and be a big battle.

My Rating: 3 Stars

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